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The owners of intellectual property frequently grant licences to others to use it, since this can optimise the opportunities to exploit and prosper from the intellectual property in question.

For example, the owner of a patent may not have any manufacturing facilities and so may grant a licence to another for the purposes of manufacturing the patented product.  The owner of the patent will usually be paid a percentage of the selling price of the product, commonly referred to as a royalty payment.

Licences can be for an unlimited amount of time or for a specified period only.  Geographical restrictions can also be placed on the licensee if required, as can minimum sales levels.

Pemberton Reid can assist you in deciding what licence terms are most suitable for you and can prepare licence agreements including merchandising agreements, publishing agreements and software licences in accordance with your requirements or advise you on a licence agreement into which you may be considering entering.

Pemberton Reid can also provide confidentiality agreements to ensure that, whilst negotiations are taking place, any confidential information disclosed is not passed onto third parties or misused.

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